Our Mission

Take product marketers beyond optimizing for a slightly better outcome to complete campaign maximization.

Our Founder

Sophia has worked in digital advertising for nearly a decade. In 2010 the first company she founded became profitable without fundraising, reaching a $15M run rate in under six months. Her focus on using data and key objectives to inform anticipated outcomes has helped startups reach record profits. Today Sophia leads the Clearmob team as Founder and CEO.

Our Story

We spent years in advertising maintaining spreadsheets, just like you. Data guided our marketing decisions but was time consuming and kept costing opportunities for quick iteration. You've probably thought you could achieve more with faster, better insights. That's why we created Clearmob.

Founded in 2015 with a team of experienced marketers, data scientists, and machine-learning engineers, Clearmob automates analysis to provide insights for real-time action to maximize campaign performance.

We believe what makes great marketers is their ability to respond creatively to insights, not just their ability to find them. By applying AI-powered decision making with design that fits into existing workflows, we're replacing the work of data curation with more time for profit-driving creativity.

If you want to transform the way marketers work, reach out!

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